CtrlMyPix is designed to control that situationĀ  when letting others hold your phone. Let them flip through the pictures you want to show them, without allowing access to your entire photo album. This is done simply and intuitively.

It also has the benefit of getting photos from different parts of your photo album to one place for easy viewing… no more searching through your entire photo album while sharing, just select them first and then let your friends flip through just the photos you want to share.

My inspiration for creating this app...

It was a quote from one of Tim Ferriss’s podcasts…

Something to the effect of… “when coming up with a idea for creating a good product, it needs to solve a problem, and not just be a idea to make a buck, to be successful”

I read Tim’s book, “The 4-Hour Work Week” and it was right up my alley. I think it was written for tech savvy guys that have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I was totally digging it! After reading the book, I began listening to his podcasts on my drive home. Typically he dissects the habits of interesting people during his interviews. During one particular interview, and I can’t remember which guest, they said something to the effect of “when coming up with a idea for creating a good product, it needs to solve a problem, and not just be a idea to make a buck to, be successful…”

Well this immediately made me think of this app idea that had been percolating for some time, and I felt like it would do exactly that…Solve a problem!

Namely… it would stop that nosy person from going through my photo album when I’m letting them look at some of my photos. Not that there is really anything to hide, I just didn’t want them looking at all my stuff, it’s none of their business…

If it bothered me that people would start flipping through my photo album, I figured it bothered others too, so I created a simple iPhone app using a resource from The 4-Hour Workweek, “Freelancer”, that put me together with programmers, designers, etc. to help acquire some needed expertise.

So that’s my story… I hope you like the iPhone app, and I hope it solves an issue for you, like it does for me

CtrlMyPix Download


Password Setup

After installing app, when you select the “photo” button you will initially get this password message. Select the “Setting” button to set up your password.

CtrlMyPix Home Screen

After your password is set up you will return to this screen.Select “Photo” to move to the next screen and select the photos you would like to show.

Photo Selection


From here you can select the thumbnails of the photos you would like to show. When you are done, select the red button in the lower right corner to display only those photos.

Display Photos

You can now feel comfortable physically handing your phone to friends and co-workers to flip through the photos you have selected for them to see, without worrying that they will start flipping through your entire photo gallery.


When they are finished looking at your photos, you can simply tap the “exit” button in the upper right hand corner, and type in your password to exit back to the CtrlMyPix Home screen. If you forget your password, just re-install the program.


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